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Rules and Regulation

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Rules and Regulation

Post by Admin on Wed Oct 06, 2010 4:43 am

Please read the following forum rules & regulations before you start surfing this forum... Thank You. Your kind understanding is very much appreciated.

The rules are divided into 3 sections.
Post #01 – Rules applying specifically to Forum Absolutely
Post #02 – Common rules in most forums
Post #03 – Disclaimer Post

Post #01 - Rules applying specifically to Forum Absolutely

Rule #01 - Posting
(a) Strictly no posting of rumor(s), gossip(s) which are invasive of the artistes and Forum Absolutely members’ privacy.
(b) Do not go off-topic.
(c) Do not spam. One word post and post with only emoticon is also considered as spam.
(d) Do not double and/or multiple post(s). Please use the edit button instead.
For eg: You post, A post, You post, You post (That is double posting)
(e) Do not post non-english post(s) unless an explanation is provided in the same post.
(f) Do not post in capital letters LIKE THIS.
(g) Do not post in sticky caps LikE tHiS.
(h) Do not post in warped-abbreviations such as ‘h8’, ‘b3st’, ‘pplz’. Short forms are discouraged too.
(i) Please post picture(s)/photo(s)/screen caps in Thumbnails for the ease of forum users.

Rule #02 – Posting of Spoilers
All members are required to post prominent warning(s) before posting spoilers (story plot of dramas/movies/stageplays/variety programs) etc

You are encouraged to post both prominent warning(s) (before spoilers) and light colour wordings (after warning). Thus member(s) & guest(s) who are interested to read the spoilers will have to highlight in order to read the spoilers posted.

An example:
WARNING: Spoilers Ahead!! <--- Prominent warning
Type spoilers in light coloured text <--- Example of light colour spoiler thus need to highlight in order to read.

Rule #03 – Plagiarism & Credits
(a) Strictly no plagiarism of anyone’s work(s) in any form. Kindly ask for permission and give credits to the respective person(s). This is a form of respect for other people's work/effort.

(b) Kindly ask for permission and give credits to http://forum.absolutelypop.com if you wish to use any of the information.

Rule #04 – Account Activity
(a) No multiple accounts. One account per person.
(b) Registered account is to be activated within 2 weeks. Unactivated account(s) will be deleted after 2 weeks.
(c) Account(s) which are inactive for more than 6 months will be deleted.

Rule #05 – Avatar & Signature
Your avatar size must not be greater than 100 x 100 (width x height).

Any other size(s) which is within the stipulated requirements (mentioned above) are allowed. A reminder will be served to members who exceed the stipulated limit. And should they insist not to change their avatar despite the reminder, Ambassadors and the Mayors have the right to remove it.

Signature size must not be greater than 300 x 150 (width x height). If many of the members do not follow this rule, signature will be disabled.

Rule #06 – Additional Rules/Regulations/Guidelines
Certain forum boards have additional rules/ regulations/ guidelines which specifically regulates that particular area of the forum.

Please read them before using these boards.

For member(s) who break any rule(s)/regulation(s), he/she will be ban from the forum with/ without prior warning(s). Ban could be temporary ban or a permanent ban.
Permanent ban can includes getting your account deleted and no future registration allowed!!

Generally, members are given chance(s)/warning(s). We may unknowingly commit mistakes unintentionally. We believe in learning from our mistake(s) and also in giving chance(s). However, do not abuse and/or disregard the chance(s) given after the warning(s). If the misbehaviour continues after 2 warning(s) given, we will ban the member with/ without prior warning(s).

If the misbehaviour is attrocious, he/she may/will be ban without any warning given.

Members are strongly encouraged to report any irregularities and misbehaviour to the ambassadors and/or mayors at forum.admin@absolutelypop.com. You may also send the moderators a private message so as to get their immediate attention on the matter/issue.

Should the members have any idea/suggestion to improve the forum, kindly email it to forum.admin@absolutelypop.com.

With these rules in place to facilitate the general conduct of Absolutely, I hope you will enjoy your stay here.

The Administrator
(Updated 06 October 2010)

Post #02 – Common rules in most forums.

Below is the list of rules specifying the general conduct and/or behaviour of user(s) of the Forum.

Rule #01
(a) Strictly no posting, display or disseminate any content(s), with vulgarities, nudity, racist’s comment(s) and/or picture(s) and/or related content(s).

(b) Strictly no posting, display or disseminate any content(s) that is/are politically, ethnically or otherwise objectionable.

(c) Strictly no posting, display or disseminate any content(s) that is/are of anything that is/are offensive, defamatory, disturbing, insulting, rude, invasive of a person’s privacy, knowingly false, obscene, abusive, indecent, harmful, hateful, harassing, or would otherwise, violate any laws.

(d) Strictly no posting, display or disseminate any content(s) that will transmit or disseminate viruses, worms, Trojan horses or other harmful, disruptive or destructive files.

(e) Strictly no posting, display or disseminate any content(s) that violates any applicable local, state, national, international or foreign law, rules, regulations

(f) Strictly no misuse and/or abuse the use the Forum in any way which would deprive other Users of their legitimate right to use the Forum, either intentionally or unintentionally.

(g) Strictly no posting, display or disseminate any junk mail, spam, chain letters or pyramid schemes.

Rule #02
Do not use the Forum for any unlawful or illegal activity.

Rule #03
Strictly no plagiarism of anyone’s work(s) in any form. Kindly ask for permission and give credits to the respective person(s). This is a form of respect for other people's work/effort.

Post #03 – Disclaimer Post


The opinion(s), view(s), comment(s), critics and recommendation(s) [etc] expressed in Forum Absolutely are entirely those of the User(s) involved and not of the Forum Owner, Administrator, Global Moderator(s) and Moderator(s) (unless posted in their own registered login identity).

"Users" means the persons who use Forum Absolutely, including registered members and non-registered members known as 'Guests'. "User" shall mean any one of them.

"Messages" means the contents posted by User(s) of the Forum Absolutely.

This site, Forum Absolutely, is a convenience mean to Users, designed to provide a platform for Users to relay information and exchange view(s), opinion(s), idea(s), comment(s), critics and recommendation(s). Most importantly a place for Users to gather, interact and share their love and passion for the intended purpose of the existence of Forum Absoultely.
Forum Absolutely is NOT responsible for the content, reliability, accuracy and/or completeness of any of the posted messages nor does it endorse the same.

Forum Absolutely respects the privacy of the Forum Absolutely Users. However, Forum Absolutely reserves the right to/not to review, screen or edit messages posted on the Forum Absolutely by Users. Nevertheless, Forum Absolutely reserves the right to monitor, modify and/or remove any messages posted on the Forum Absolutely at any time, without notice, in its sole discretion. Whether or not messages are being modified or removed such information, Users remain solely responsible for the content of their postings.

Users must understand that messages posted on the Forum Absolutely may prove to be, either intentionally or unintentionally, untrue, misleading, deceptive and/or wrong. It is important for Users to exercise discretion and caution as well as to carry out independent investigations before making any decisions based on the posted information on the forum. Users who rely on the posted information do so solely at their own risks.

Forum Absolutely will make reasonable effort to modify or remove objectionable messages within a reasonable time frame if we believe in good faith that removal is necessary. Nevertheless, Absolutelypop.com cannot guarantee that any action will be taken as a result of your complaint.

Best Regard,
Forum Absolutely shall not be liable to the User or to any third party for any cost, claim, liability expense, demand or damages whatsoever (including loss of profits, lost savings, direct, indirect, special, incidental or punitive losses or consequential damages.


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