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[News] 101010 71:Into the Fire to be screened in San Diego!

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[News] 101010 71:Into the Fire to be screened in San Diego!

Post by Jocelyn49 on Sun Oct 10, 2010 4:31 am

This Korean war drama depicts the real life story of 71 untrained student soldiers forced to defend a base against the invading North Korean forces until the Allies arrive.

Their youth and inexperience proves to be more dangerous than the impending attack from enemy troops, and they struggle to unite under their very young commander, Oh Jang-beom. 71: INTO THE FIRE is the classic story of boys becoming men, but does it all with the backdrop of a violent conflict.

The film brings all the heartache, violence, and horror of war to the screen, but does so through a teenage perspective. It stars Choi Seung Hyun, better known as the Korean pop star T.O.P., in his first feature film role after two successful television series runs.

The film is shot in a very gritty style, mimicking the reality of the emotional toll inflicted upon its characters. Explosions, battle scenes, and eye-popping stunt work abound in what is sure to be a major hit with the young crowd, action fans, and the history buffs alike. – Brandon Coyle

Screening Sponsor:
LG Electronics

Co-presented by:
KoreAm Journal
Audrey Magazine

watch 71: Into the Fire Trailer…


Thu 10/21, 8:00 PM (120 min.)
UltraStar Theater – Verizon

Sun 10/24, 7:10 PM (120 min.)
UltraStar Theater – Sharp

source:sdaff.bside.com l iBigBang
Credits: Daily Kpop News

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