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[NEWS] ‘Fugitive’ will air in seven Asian countries

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[NEWS] ‘Fugitive’ will air in seven Asian countries

Post by miss_yuuna on Sat Oct 09, 2010 4:03 pm

The “Fugitive” director has recently revealed that seven Asian countries will broadcast the show, “Taiwan, Philippines, Thailand, China (Including Hong Kong), Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia showed interest in the broadcast since the stage production. The contract for the seven countries and eight channels has been signed.”

There are other countries hoping to broadcast “Fugitive”, and as a result of this deal, the estimated profit of the show is expected to be 150-200% of previous Korean dramas.

Rain clearly played a pivotal role in this unprecedented deal, and the director also thanked other stars, be they Koreans, Chinese, or Japanese, that starred in “Fugitive”.

The show has been hyped due to Rain’s “Hollywood” action qualities, and the quirky humor created by the previous “Chuno (Slave Hunter)” cast. However, the lack of characterization has been a point of criticism among fans.

Photo & Source: nate

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