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[NEWS] SNSD are on the verge of selling 300,000 copies in 2010

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[NEWS] SNSD are on the verge of selling 300,000 copies in 2010

Post by x3stephy on Thu Dec 09, 2010 4:31 pm

SNSD have surpassed Seo Taiji’s achievements!

As of December 8th, SNSD are ranked 1st on Hanteo in terms of total album sales in 2010. Since their debut in 2007, the girls have released a total of 31 albums and singles to date.

This year, SNSD recorded a total sales of 297,612 copies and they are on the verge of breaking te 300,000 copies mark. With that figure, SNSD have surpassed the record of previous year’s winner, Seo Taiji (248,808 copies) by a 50,000 copies margin, making them the ‘album eater’ of the year.

SNSD’s 2nd Album ‘Oh!’ (released in January 2010) recorded sales of 123,307 copies and its repackaged album ‘Run Devil Run‘ (released in March 2010) added another 56,486 copies to the tally, taking the total sales for the 2nd Album to a massive 179,1793 copies. SNSD are the only female artists who managed to sell more than 150,000 copies for a single album in 2010. In Men’s category, the only notable name in terms of album sales is Super Junior, who sold 225,648 copies from their 4th album ‘Bonamana’.

SNSD are also the only artists at the brink of achieving a ‘double double‘, a term given for the achievement of selling more than 100,000 copies for each of 2 albums released in a year. Following the success of 2nd album ‘Oh’, SNSD’s 3rd mini album ‘Hoot’ have sold 91,373 copies as of December 8th.

Credit: hankooki.com/nate.com/Yoongislove@Twitter (for tipping)


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