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[NEWS] 131110 Jaejoong and Nicole converse on Twitter

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[NEWS] 131110 Jaejoong and Nicole converse on Twitter

Post by Jocelyn49 on Sat Nov 13, 2010 3:06 pm

JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong and KARA’s Nicole have been conversing freely on their Twitter accounts lately, stimulating jealousy amongst their fans.

On the night of November 12th, the two exchanged a few messages, expressing their ‘oppa/dongseng’ relationship.

Their exchange was as follows:

Jaejoong: “My body isn’t in good condition. Done with my lower-body bath and sleepy now. ^^”

Nicole: “How about a nice cup of warm milk? keke It’s tastier if you add honey. Oppa, you can eat it!!”

Jaejoong: “You guys can’t eat it because of your diet, right? Such a pity for Nicole, who loves to eat~”

Nicole: “I just binged and am dieting again TT. Oppa, you should change your gluttonous ways with me keke.”

Jaejoong: “Binging is your problem. Conclusively, your mother is too good at cooking~”

Nicole: “If I don’t binge, I don’t gain weight.. I’m suddenly thinking of my mom’s rice cake soup.”

Fans commented, “I knew they were close, but seeing it like this stings my heart,” “Jaejoong, why are you so nice!,” “Nicole is close with Yunho, too. Did she save a country in her previous life?” and “I like Nicole. I must be cool, I don’t feel anything from reading this.”

Source + Photos: MyDaily via Nate
Credit: Allkpop
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