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[NEWS]Shinee 'orginal flavor' shown.Freindly interaction made 3000 fans scream

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[NEWS]Shinee 'orginal flavor' shown.Freindly interaction made 3000 fans scream

Post by ricca on Mon Nov 08, 2010 6:58 pm

Korean Idol Group SHINee's first Fan Party in Taiwan was full of "Original Flavour"!?

On the 7th night at the Taipei International Conventional Centre, more than 3000 fans gathered together. Not only did the 5 members each performed a solo act, they also gave away personal items for the 5 lucky fans that get to go on stage to receive these precious items with the "original taste" of SHINee!

After the impressive response for the tickets, SHINee's fans have already flooded the Taipei International Conventional Centre before the start of the show. The official goods were sold out and SHINee sincerely sang 10 songs including the 5 songs during each member's solo. In particular, Onew covered Jay Chou's "An Jing" again and it could be heard that he worked especially hard at the pronunciation. As Jonghyun's leg have not been fully healed, he could only sit next to SHINee when they sang fast songs.

Apart from singing, 5 members also gave out their personal items which was the climax of the whole show, non stop screaming. Taemin, Jonghyun, Minho and Key gave out their personal clothes or accessories and Onew gave the first Rubik's Cube that he bought. The 5 members personally picked out the 5 lucky fans by giving them a telephone call to go on stage to receive these unique gifts. In addition, they also played "SHINee Quan". The whole event finished after they performed "Hello".

There were more than 120 staffs from both Taiwan and Korea in this Fan Party and the staging cost around $5,000,000NTD. The production was already near a small-scale concert. The official products received around $2,000,000NTD, with posters and badges being sold out the quickest.

SHINee will leave Taiwan after recording "Million Star" on the 8th and they will be taking CX420 departing at 5:10pm.

Source: http://tw.news.yahoo...7/35/2gge4.html

English Translation Credits: vivinjolian @ soompi

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