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[NEWS] 071110 Micky Yoochun causes some confusion over his hairstyle

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[NEWS] 071110 Micky Yoochun causes some confusion over his hairstyle

Post by eveangel519 on Sun Nov 07, 2010 7:01 pm

On November 6th, a photo of JYJ was uploaded onto an online community board and has been the subject of much amused commenting.

The netizen who uploaded the picture added the caption, “A picture of JYJ with the staff of East Asia Entertainment at the wrap up party, after JYJ’s Asia promotions.”

JYJ posed with famous Chinese stars, including Hong Kong actor Andy Lau, yet that wasn’t the central topic of discussion. What surprised netizens the most was how feminine Micky Yoochun looked with his long locks.

“Yoochun’s hair… I’m shocked haha”, said one netizen. Others commented, “Where’s Yoochun, found him! Sorry” and “I thought it was a girl next to Jaejoong.”

Can Yoochun rock the Michael Bolton look, or does he need to chop it all off?

Source + Photo: Money Today
Credit: Allkpop

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