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[NEWS] SNSD fans in uproar due to a broadcast in Taiwan

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[NEWS] SNSD fans in uproar due to a broadcast in Taiwan

Post by x3stephy on Fri Nov 05, 2010 1:24 am

On a Taiwanese celebrity show programme, Taiwanese singers such as Lin Wei Ling appeared and talked about female Korean celebrities being forced into sexual acts and cosmetic surgeries. In addition, when talking about this, they showed a picture of SNSD. On the photo of SNSD they had, in big writings, sexual acts, on top of it as if they are saying SNSD is the biggest example. Korean SNSD fans have been saying "Why attack innocent SNSD?", "Now that their popularity is so huge that they now spread absurd rumors".

However, Cheon Ling Ling, also on the show, said, "Korean industries have lots of regulations. One of which is to accept sexual acts. Apart from that, the entertainment companies keeping close eye on your singing, dancing and acting as they teach you. After the daily schedule, they call up the celebrity and have a meal together. This is how the first meeting occurs. Usually at the first meeting, they only have a meal together. However after the meal, the person who was present at the table rings up the entertainment company and tells them, 'oh she was fine'. Then the next meeting is when the sexual acts occur even from an early age

She also added, "I feel really sorry about these things. How does celebrities must be treated like this? However this is normal in Korea. The entertainment company also pressures the celebrities so hard so they cannot refuse. Some suicide because of it. Of course this is not right"

Lastly she added "Last August when I wanted to start activities in Korea I was offered sexual activities. Also I had to have cosmetic surgeries. I was told to put more fat into my face. I said no but I was told that it's my responsibility as a celebrity"

Another quest WeiWeiAn said "It's a requirement of becoming a celebrity. If you have a talent and good-looking, then you can become a celebrity. However there are those who just look at the looks and dream of becoming a celebrity". This added further firewood to Korean netizen's anger.

Source:Sports ChosunCredits:Eric@dkpopnews.net 

Taken from: DAily Kpop


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