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[NEWS][Press Conference Interview] SNSD are very hungry

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[NEWS][Press Conference Interview] SNSD are very hungry

Post by x3stephy on Thu Nov 04, 2010 12:27 am

During a press conference on November 2nd, SM Entertainment’s spokesman explained about SNSD’s plans and methods in handling their Japanese activities. At the conference, the playful and mischievious Soshi imitated the reports typing the keyboards on their portable devices. Although they are the most popular girl group in Korea who are doing equally well in Japan by dominating the Oricon charts, the girls who are in their early 20s love to laugh and joke with one another. The girls expressed their appetite for success in the music industry by saying, “Even now, we are very hungry”.

Here are the contents of the interview at the press conference:

Part 1: About their activities in Japan

Question: SNSD took the first spot on Oricon Singles Chart. How do you feel about it?

Tiffany: I cried. When the first single “Genie” was released, we were in the midst of a performance. When I heard that “Genie” got 3rd place, I cried. When I received the news that we got No.1, I got up from my bed immediately (laughter filled the conference room) and cried.

Question: In the past, when your seniors venture into Japan, they started all over with the rookie-like mentality and attitude.However, for SNSD you started off your activities there like foreign popstars. How are you girls treated over there?

Hyoyeon: We received special treatment, more than what we expected. The Japanese people that I have met are naturally kind and have good manners.

Tiffany: In fact, it really feels like we are going back to the times when we debuted 3 years ago. This feeling makes us more careful. However, I think we really enjoy the overseas activities.Jessica: Since during the showcase, the excitement makes my eyes filled with tears. Before we go on stage, we heard the cheers from fans throughout the venue and it was too surreal.

Sooyoung: It was SNSD’s first official oversea debut and looking at the success of our seniors, anyone would want to achieve such results. Such huge welcoming turnout at the showcase reminded me of our first recording of ‘Into The New World’ when we looked at each other and shed tears. I think I felt touched by the message, “We’ve made it this far, we have done well”.

Question: Since you have yet to appear in many Japanese TV programs, which area makes SNSD the first girl group from Korea to achieve the #1 spot on the (Oricon) chart?

Jessica: It’s amazing that our dance formation seems to be the factor. I received questions such as “How much practice do you need to get the V-shape dance formation right?”

Sooyoung: NHK ran us on their news once, and we heard that it is a social issue just to appear on it. We’ve heard things such as Korean girl groups’ songs and choreography are outstanding, and their fashion also becomes a hot topic. We can’t let them down when they have such high expections of us, right? I was happy to hear that but it also came to my mind that we have to practice even more.

Question: Are you aware of your popularity in Japan?

Tiffany: Once, I saw some people took photos with our dance poses. I was so proud to see that.

Jessica: Actually, I tried to see if I would get noticed in Shibuya. When someone said, “It’s Sooyoung”, I’d know that I’ve been spotted. So, I went to a record store and even with a large poster pasted on the wall, I didn’t seem to get noticed (laughter)

Sunny: I don’t think you can recognize us without make-up on. (laughter)

Question: SNSD are known as the “Beautiful-Leg Group” in Japan. What are your opinions on this?

Sooyoung: Actually, they are not that beautiful (laughter). I wonder since when did that happened. Since our legs are given more attention, I guess we can be less worried about our performance on stage. When we appear on TV next time, I think there will be more shots on our legs rather than on our face. (laughter)Hyoyeon: In Japan, we received a lot of questions on how we are taking care of our legs. Since we have very packed schedules, we only do stretching and half-body bath. We do stretching in our own rooms. (laughter)

Part 2: ” ‘Hoot’ is a song for women”

…to be continued

from: fanwonder

Credit: 10.asiae.co.kr/kisun



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