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[NEWS] Ga-In, Jo Kwon, and Yoon Doojoon guest on “Knee-Drop Guru” to discuss new sitcom

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[NEWS] Ga-In, Jo Kwon, and Yoon Doojoon guest on “Knee-Drop Guru” to discuss new sitcom

Post by miss_yuuna on Tue Nov 02, 2010 2:08 pm

Ga-In, Jo Kwon, and B2ST’s Yoon Doojoon sat down with “Knee-Drop Guru” Yoo Se Yoon to discuss their new daily sitcom, MBC’s “All My Love“.

The cast met with Yoo Se Yoon (who was subbing in for the original “Knee-Drop Guru” Kang Ho Dong) in order to discuss whether the sitcom will be a hit or a miss. Every episode will focus on the relationships between the seven cast members, as well as the love lines and kiss scenes between them. Hilariously, NG cuts and behind-the-scenes clips will be aired alongside regular footage.

Jo Kwon and Ga-In have also warned audiences to expect bickering between them, despite the expressions of affection and their planned kiss scenes.

Doojoon revealed that he sent a video letter to actress Yoon Seung Ah, who was chosen as the most sought-after love interest amongst the male casts.

Cheekily, Ga-In chose Jun Tae Su as the character she’d love to kiss.

“Knee-Drop Guru” will air the special “All My Love” episode on the afternoon of November 5th.

Source: Star News
Photo: MBC

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