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[NEWS] U-KISS’s Dongho confesses to feeling lonely while growing up

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[NEWS] U-KISS’s Dongho confesses to feeling lonely while growing up

Post by miss_yuuna on Tue Nov 02, 2010 2:01 pm

U-KISS’s maknae Dongho has confessed his feelings on going through adolescence through cable TV show MBC Every1’s “Idols of the Night.”

During the episode’s truth game segment, Dongho stated, “People around me have been telling me that they think I’m going through adolescence.” He went on to confess, “I’ve been beginning to talk less and less and sometimes feel like I’m being isolated.”

Fortunately, Dongho claimed that his fellow U-KISS members are helping him cope with these feelings and thanked them. Member Kevin showed his love for his maknae by stating, “I have to take care of Dongho more from now on.”

Eun Ji Won, who was quietly listening the whole time, gave advice by stating, “The other members have to become Dongho’s guardians. I’m proud of Dongho for sticking to everything with his hyungs despite being a minor.”

The full episode will air on November 4th at 12 AM.

Source + Photo: TV Daily

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