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[NEWS] B2ST’s Kikwang reveals his annual income

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[NEWS] B2ST’s Kikwang reveals his annual income

Post by miss_yuuna on Tue Nov 02, 2010 2:00 pm

Idol group B2ST’s Kikwang revealed his annual income on an episode of MBC’s “Hot Brothers” aired on October 31st.

The episode ran a special lie detector test on each of the members and found that every single one of them lied, excluding Kikwang, who told the truth to all questions asked.

The members were forced to go to a Buddhist temple, in which the topic of salaries was brought up by Tak Jae Hoon stating, “Simon D thinks he’s hot stuff lately. He’s got $9,000 USD in his bank account and is all confident because of it.”

Kikwang added, “My annual income is $8,000 USD. I want to do hip hop instead of being an idol...”

Simon D couldn’t hide his pride and stated, “I’ll help you earn money, come to our company. Hip hop is the best for events.”

Netizens gave heated responses to Kikwang’s confession by commenting, “How can an idol only make $8,000 USD a year,” “That means his monthly income is only $670,” and “I thought he’d make more since he’s an idol.”

Source + Photos: MSN

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