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[NEWS] 011110 Jaejoong says girls prefer Yoochun and Junsu

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[NEWS] 011110 Jaejoong says girls prefer Yoochun and Junsu

Post by Jocelyn49 on Mon Nov 01, 2010 6:44 pm

JYJ, who is currently on tour for their worldwide showcase, finished their Taiwan showcase in Taipei on October 30th.

After the showcase, JYJ had an interview with the Taiwan media, where they shared their ideal girl types.

When asked what their ideal girl types were, Jaejoong revealed, “A girl with pretty hands makes my heart restless.” Junsu revealed that he liked girls who were bright and active, and Yoochun revealed that his ideal type was the nice housewife type. However, Yoochun also added, “I like sexy girls too.”

Jaejoong then shared that he thought that the other members were more popular than him. He stated, “There were frequent scandals, all of them not only being false, but honestly the girls around me seem to like Yoochun and Junsu more.” Jaejoong also added that his most recent scandal is false.

The boys also shared that “Jaejoong has a sharp tongue” and “Junsu is stingy and doesn’t pay the bill for alcohol.”

JYJ finished their events in Taiwan on October 31st, and passed Shanghai to head to the United States for their four concerts. These four concerts in the United States will mark the end of their worldwide showcase, but JYJ is planning to return to their Korean fans on November 27th and 28th for a ‘JYJ Worldwide Concert in Seoul.’

Source + Picture: NateNews
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