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[NEWS] SNSD’s TaeYeon and SooYoung Engaged in Kiss Scandal?

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[NEWS] SNSD’s TaeYeon and SooYoung Engaged in Kiss Scandal?

Post by miss_yuuna on Mon Nov 01, 2010 3:58 pm

A little display of affection between these two SNSD members seem to be getting some netizens all riled up!

SNSD recently made a comeback on Music Core, and besides performing their single Hoot, the girls also sang another new song, titled Best Friend. During the performance, the girls were very playful with each other, hugging each other and holding each others’ hands. When the song ended and the girls made their final pose, TaeYeon and SooYoung playfully covered their mouths and, supposedly, gave each other a peck on the lips. This innocent display of affection seems to be a little too much for some netizens. One netizens said, “Performance was good, it was a bit uncomfortable to see girl groups kiss.” While others saw the kiss as evidence that the girls are extremely close to each other, “I don’t know if they really kissed but it was good to see their close relations.”

Check out their “kiss” at 3:16!

Now what are your thoughts on this so-called ‘kiss scandal’?

Source: tetecaca@soshified + mk.co.kr
Video Source: itsbrendahearts@youtube
Translation: Yeji@soshified.com
Written by: tiffieLALA@KPOPLIVE.com

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