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Ayumi Hamasaki X PEACH JOHN Collaboration

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Ayumi Hamasaki X PEACH JOHN Collaboration

Post by matsu_shine on Fri Oct 22, 2010 1:32 am

Ayumi Hamasaki will be collaborating with PEACH JOHN to release special goods.

Presenting this time's collaboration, which was inspired by fans who voiced their wishes on Twitter, and got Ayu and PJ's company director Noguchi Mika-san all excited!

Based on Ayu's distinctive silhouette and lyrics, these designs will surely catch anyone's eye! And so, Ayu's song names became the names for the 3 collaboration items below.
A special gift for TA is a shopping bag with the collaboration logo printed on ♪

※ Real items may differ from the images.

Inspired by the song STEP you

A sweater set in heather pink for the girls.
Distinctive features include the faded print and a hole for the thumb on the cuffs, a second-hand feel.
The piece is designed to enable ayu to move easily during rehearsals!

PINK (Size: S/M) ¥9,800

Inspired by the song blossom

An idea coming from the Hamasaki Ayumi who needs to protect her throat 24/7, a nightdress with a turtleneck made of pile fabric to protect the neck.
Made from 100% natural rayon, this piece is made from high absorbance MicroModel®Moist, fit for soft skin.
Plus nanotechnology with collagen and amino acids to keep humidity in, this material will be wonderful for girls.

PINK/WHITE (Size: S/M) ¥12,800

Inspired by the song MOON

Made from the same material as nightdress [blossom], a turtleneck pajama design.
With elastic pants to prevent stomach chills!

PINK/WHITE (Size: S/M) ¥12,800

Starting on October 25th Team Ayu members get a special bag for preordering

* Available on a first-come-first-served basis.
* Preorders will last till 1 November 18:00, but special gifts may run out before that.

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