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[NEWS] 131010 Rain’s many faces in “The Fugitive”

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[NEWS] 131010 Rain’s many faces in “The Fugitive”

Post by Jocelyn49 on Wed Oct 13, 2010 6:09 pm

Rain’s variety of expressions in his current KBS drama ,”The Fugitive Plan B“, is garnering attention.

On the drama’s fansite, “Do Pul B”, netizens created a set of 66 different expressions made by Rain in the drama, with captions such as “the Mona Lisa Smile“, “the slapped face“, and “the mad face“. Each expression showed a different side of the singer-actor.

Rain transformed into the character Ji Woo for “The Fugitive”, an individual known for his extravagant action and crazy personality. He has been praised for his improved acting recently, and netizens who saw the set of 66 expressions responded, “Just looking at it makes me laugh“, “He’s so cute” and “I can’t climb out of his charm“.

Rain’s carefully calculated comic acting becomes more stable with each episode, and his martial arts battle with martial arts director Jung Du Hong was especially impressive, as he showed off his experience from acting in Hollywood. Viewers were impressed by his realistic action and expressive acting.

Meanwhile, Rain was voted #1 in a survey from an internet movie site as “the male star most likely to maintain his sexiness”. (Source=Nate Movie Poll) He charged into Hollywood with “Ninja Assassin”, and gained the love of women all over the world with his perfectly sculpted body. Rain even beat out Go Soo, So Ji Sub, and Kang Dong Won to win the position of this generation’s best sexy icon.

Credit: Allkpop

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