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[NEWS] Mirei Kiritani, Eiji Wentz dub "Twilight" (special broadcast version)

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[NEWS] Mirei Kiritani, Eiji Wentz dub "Twilight" (special broadcast version)

Post by ai_yuuki on Mon Oct 11, 2010 7:28 pm

Mirei Kiritani (20) and Eiji Wentz (25) have been chosen to do the voice-overs for a special broadcast of the popular "Twilight" movie series. This is Kiritani's first voice acting work.

The first "Twilight" movie made its way to Japan in April 2009, and the second movie, "New Moon," opened in November 2009. The third movie, "Eclipse," will be released in Japan on November 6. Aya Ueto and Hiroki Narimiya were announced as the lead voices for "Eclipse" (playing Bella and Edward) back in August.

In conjunction with the opening of "Eclipse" in theaters, television network NTV will broadcast on November 12 a specially edited version of the first two films combined. For that broadcast, Kiritani and Wentz will provide the voices for Bella and Edward.

NTV will air the special in its "Kinyo Roadshow" time slot (Friday 9:00-10:54pm), though the slot will be lengthened by an extra half hour to accommodate the movie. This will be the first time ever in its 25-year history that "Kinyo Roadshow" has featured a special edition combining the first two films of a movie series.


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