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[2PM] Still (KOR + ROM + ENG)

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[2PM] Still (KOR + ROM + ENG)

Post by miss_yuuna on Mon Oct 11, 2010 6:45 pm



나만 바라볼 줄 알았던 너라서
우린 영원할거라고 믿고 있었는데
왜 이렇게 돼버렸는지
점점 차가워지는 너의 표정이
나를 외면하는 너의 그 눈빛이
날 슬프게 해도 더 아프게 해도
나 널 사랑하는걸


Naman barabol jool aratdun nurasuh
Oorin yungwunhalgurago midgo eessutneundeh
Wae eeruhgae dwaeburyutneunji
Jumjum chagawuhjineun nuh-eui pyojungee
Nareur wimyunhaneun nuh-eui geu noonbichi
Nar seulpeuge haedo duh apeuge haedo
Na nuhl saranghaneunguhl

Because you were the one I thought would look only at me
I believed we would last forever
Why did it become this way
Your expression gradually turning cold
Your gaze avoids me
Even though it saddens me, though it makes me hurt more
I still love you

Romanization by Sensayshun @ W2D
Translated by khy127 @ W2D
May be taken out with credits

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